Ergonomic Features

Made Ergonomically.

Shailla is an innovative Egyptian brand that takes pride in introducing high-end ergonomic products.

Our flagship product is a revolutionary ergonomic backpack. With an unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality, exceptional functionality, and timeless style, Shailla sets out to transform the backpack industry by delivering an unmatched user experience and advocating for the pursuit of healthy lifestyles.


Detachable padded waist belt for the central alignment of the school backpacks on the child’s back.

Reinforced bottom panel to keep the backpacks upstanding and protect against dirt and moisture.

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Adjustable and ergonomic s-shaped shoulder straps that corresponds to the physiological body configuration to position the school backpacks tightly close to the child’s back and evenly distribute the weight, while maintaining lower pressure on the shoulders.

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Adjustable side straps, integrated books, and padded laptop compartments to ensure vertical placement of books and evenly distribute weight along the spine.

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Light construction and ergonomically designed breathable back section that adjusts perfectly to the back.

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Ergonomic Certification

The ergonomic attributes mentioned above for our backpack are all endorsed by the internationally acclaimed German IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics. Rigorous evaluations conducted by the institute affirm the product's usability and ergonomic qualities, ensuring a high standard of comfort and functionality.